Friday, October 1, 2010

groundhog day...

The constant click clack may as well be silence

the bed of lettuce to your everyday boredom

Tuesday, Wednesday, ...does it really matter?

this case...that case

computer screen...stone face

that is....until

you listen closely...

the pattern sounds familiar

the heavy, confident strides that produce that sound

so familiar

then...a faint...yet undeniable scent

ever so slight...yet detectable

begins to swirl about the tip of your nose

and just as it all adds up in your head

there Daddy appears filling the frame of your door

the smile doesnt wait for permission to explode

instead it instantly spreads evenly across your face

you would know that his smile is equally as wide...

except your field of vision seeks much lower aim

you've always loved the way his slacks drape

such a stickler for a tailored fit

such swoon internally

but, more than how they fit, its what they hide you love the most

maybe its the way he commands you to take ownership

the way he says...its all yours...only...yours

maybe its the way it makes your hands feel small

or your mouth big, forced to open if Daddy was a dentist

maybe its because the only time you will answer gladly to the title of bitch

is when its buried inside...deep, wide...curved perfectly

all of the above


as u make your way upward...u notice quite the surprise

a small, yet lavishly wrapped box...velvet red bow

"for me?" you inquire

"absolutely baby....all yours"

you meticulously open your surprise as he prods about your schedule

Daddy locks the office door as he approaches

"how long until your next meeting?" Daddy says...sliding closer

"twenty seven minutes"

"good...that gives me twenty minutes to speak with my pussy"

you part the tissue, to reveal a beautiful pair of black lace boyshorts

Daddy leans in and whispers in that sexy baritone voice...

"you'll need new ones when im done" be continued