Saturday, June 11, 2011

The bond

You may wonder

in quiet moments

when all is still but your mind

when the whispers of doubt

scream about

in attempt to make reason

or rhyme

you may try to make sense of

or come to grips

with the who, what

when, where, or why

you may even hear voices

mocking your heart

with chants of bloody lie

you may gaze in a mirror

just long enough

to distort the beauty inside

you may find yourself shaded

by the greys of fools

who never meant you right

you may think of the bumps

the bruises the blocks

that stand just ahead

you may fear the unknown

or feel all alone

in these solemn moments of dread

but just when it seems

all horrible things

have conspired to bury your soul

I'll stand by your side

enduring the ride

we'll make it a pleasant stroll

we'll kiss and say yes

we'll share every breath

growing closer as we go

and every time

they predict end of line

we'll tell them

Love said...not so

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